YIPEE! / Coca-Cola

– Coca-Cola is one of the largest, most successful and most recognisable brands in the world. When they approached Kit Neale they asked him to reimagine the brand as a fashion label using his singular and unique understand of branding not just as a culture but as a language. The resulting collection launched in spring Summer 2015 to critical acclaim and commercial success,

The marriage of Neale’s aesthetic approach and Coca-Cola’s rich heritage of iconic branding resulted in an inimitable collaboration that
was mutually beneficial to both brands in furthering consumer awareness and broadening engagement into hitherto unreachable fields.

Few designers have been offered the opportunity to work with such an iconic brand and few brands have had the foresight to employ the talents of an emerging British designer like Kit Neale but this collaboration acts as an example of how valuable such a partnership can be.