For the Spring Summer 2016 collection, Kit Neale takes influence from obsessive collecting and the randomness of objects around us through an exploration of British Car Boot Sales,
Flea Markets and Thrift Stores.

Here, in the zine page on, we present a curation of our research and inspiration behind the collection.


The collection, titled Carbooty, included a mass of objects
which intuitively appear random and incoherent.
As Kit explains "I wanted us to explore the life journey of mass produced memorabilia and collectables, to one of a kind curiosities, rare artefacts and clothing. I wanted to question the purpose of consumerism and how we emotively connect
with objects and possessions."

"I’m a bit of an obsessive hoarder and I love a car boot sale. I love the story objects can tell and how a once treasured item becomes a piece of junk to someone, but then re-enters the trade cycle and creates a kind of new enjoyment
or pleasure to someone else."


Researching for the collection, the team scoured the country visiting car boot sales and thrift stores in rural towns across the UK. From Dalston to Battersea, Milton Keynes to Denham, eventually the weeks of aimlessly collecting any object that took an interest, accumulated into a mass of curiosities.

Working in partnership across the prints, Caspar and Kit edited and sketched the objects which resulted in a selection of hand drawn characters created by Caspar. These are printed and embellished across the collection. Floral drawings incorporated into jacquards are reminiscent of furnishing fabrics and the oversized relaxed silhouette is a nod to British subcultures which historically often fuse second-hand thrift shop findings
with self-customised outtfits.